1 in 88!

Most of us know families whose lives have been touched by autism. That's why we are working to help families in Central Florida.

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&nbsp;&nbsp;Autism:&nbsp; A lifelong developmental disability affecting 1 in 88 that appears by the age of 3 and is characterized by impairment of the ability to form normal social relationships, by impairment of the ability to communicate with others, and by stereotyped behavior patterns.<br id="el-1361988084706-441"><br id="el-1361988084706-442">April is Autism Awareness Month.<br id="el-1361988084706-443"><br id="el-1361988084706-444">Over the past few years, we have shared with you some of the challenges that our family has faced with our son with autism.&nbsp; Ian is now 22 years old and each year brings different successes and obstacles.<br id="el-1361988084706-445"><br id="el-1361988084706-446">Due to the generosity of so many, the awareness level has greatly increased and we now have services that have previously been unavailable in Polk County.&nbsp; Many of these services are the result of the tremendous efforts of the Central Florida Autism Institute, Inc. and its Center for Applied Behavior Analysis &amp; Therapy.&nbsp; Last year CFAII was able to offer 5 full scholarships to summer camp; train 82 local police officers about autism and how to respond to our children in an emergency; continue to offer quality behavior programming at significantly reduced rates; provide free monthly trainings for parents on everything from how to implement behavior strategies at home, to how to obtain guardianship of their child at the age of 18; relocate to a larger facility to meet our growing needs, and much more!<br id="el-1361988084706-447"><br id="el-1361988084706-448">I will be participating in the event and would appreciate your support to help me reach my fundraising goal.<br id="el-1361988084706-449"><br id="el-1361988084706-450">Here are some of the ways you can help:<br id="el-1361988084706-451"><br id="el-1361988084706-452">Join our Team -The 9th Annual Autism Awareness Walk/5K &amp; Family Fun Day will be held on Saturday, April 13, 2013 from 7:00 AM – 2:00 PM at Anchor Park on beautiful Lake Hollingsworth across from Florida Southern College in Lakeland.&nbsp; Some of us will be participating in the 5K which begins at 7 am and some of us will be participating in the walk and family activities which begin at 9 am. You may register online by going to their website at <a target="" title="" href="http://www.cfaii.org">www.cfaii.org.</a><br id="el-1361988084706-453"><br id="el-1361988084706-454">Spread the Word - Please share about our event to friends, family members, co-workers, fellow church members, etc. The more people who participate, the more autism awareness we can spread and the more money we raise to support the families living with autism today!<br id="el-1361988084706-455"><br id="el-1361988084706-456">Make a One Time Donation - All donations are tax deductible and stay right here in Central Florida to support our families living with autism today. To make a donation is very easy. Simply click on the DONATE button above and contribute.<br id="el-1361988084706-457"><br id="el-1361988084706-458">You can even put in our team name, 1 in 88!, so that our team gets credit for the donations.<br id="el-1361988084706-459"><br id="el-1361988084706-460">To learn more about CFAII, please visit their website at <a target="" title="" href="http://www.cfaii.org">www.cfaii.org.</a><br id="el-1361988084706-461"><br id="el-1361988084706-462">Thanks for your help and support.<br id="el-1361988084706-463"><br id="el-1361988084707-464">With much love,<br id="el-1361988084707-465"><br id="el-1361988084707-466">The Millican Family<br id="el-1361988084707-467">Terry, Ian, and Katy<br id="el-1361988084707-468"><br id="el-1361988084707-469">*Please forward to anyone you think would be interested in helping!<br id="el-1361988084707-470"><br id="el-1361988084707-471"><br id="el-1361988084707-472">&nbsp;<br id="el-1361825401035-409"><br id="el-1361825401035-410">