9th Annual Autism Awareness Walk/5K & Family Fun Day

CFAII: Committed to offering hope, supports, therapies and awareness to our community!! Come join us!!

Url: http://cfaii.org

&nbsp;<font id="el-1362714010186-447" color="#000099">Fifteen years ago my family was blessed with making a friend with autism.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; We wanted to help CFAII.<br id="el-1362714010186-448">We committed ourselves to helping CFAII with a<i> garage sale</i> in an effort to raise money to help make my community aware of autism...<br id="el-1362714010186-449"><br id="el-1362714010186-450">Fifteen years has gone by quickly and the rate of those diagnosed in the spectrum has escalated even more quickly!&nbsp; From 1 in 1100 children diagnosed to <font id="el-1362714010186-451" size="3"><b id="el-1362714010186-452">1 in 88</b></font>.&nbsp; THAT is staggering! Fifteen years has helped CFAII evolve from a garage sale to a FUN DAY!<br id="el-1362714010186-453"><br id="el-1362714010186-454">Come out - join us for a fun family day on beautiful Lake Hollingsworth!&nbsp; Help us stand together and show our community we are committed to supporting those families and friends affected by autism! Help us raise the funds needed to continue to provide those vital supports in our community like: parent/family trainings, individual therapies, law enforcement and SRO trainings and of course, awareness!<br id="el-1362714010186-455"><br id="el-1362714010186-456"><font size="4"><b><font color="#009900">Here are some of the ways you can help:</font></b><br id="el-1361988084706-451"></font><br id="el-1361988084706-452"><font size="3"><font color="#009900"><b><font size="4">Join our Team</font></b></font> </font>-The 9th Annual Autism Awareness Walk/5K &amp; Family Fun Day will be held on Saturday, April 13, 2013 from 7:00 AM – 2:00 PM at Anchor Park on beautiful Lake Hollingsworth across from Florida Southern College in Lakeland. Some of us will be participating in the 5K which begins at 7 am and some of us will be participating in the walk and family activities which begin at 9 am. You may register online by going to their website at<font color="#CC0000"> </font><font size="4"><a id="el-1362714010186-459" title="" href="http://www.cfaii.org" target=""><font id="el-1362714010186-460" color="#CC0000">www.cfaii.org</font>.</a></font><br id="el-1361988084706-453"><br id="el-1361988084706-454"><font color="#009900"><b><font size="4">Spread the Word </font></b></font>- Please share about our event to friends, family members, co-workers, fellow church members, etc. The more people who participate, the more autism awareness we can spread and the more money we raise to support the families living with autism today!<br id="el-1361988084706-455"><br id="el-1361988084706-456"><font color="#009900"><b><font size="4">Make a One Time Donation</font></b></font> - All donations are tax deductible and stay right here in Central Florida to support our families living with autism today. To make a donation is very easy. Simply click on the DONATE button above and contribute.<br id="el-1361988084706-459"><br id="el-1361988084706-460">To learn more about CFAII, please visit their website at <a id="el-1362714010186-469" title="" href="http://www.cfaii.org" target=""><font id="el-1362714010186-470" color="#CC0000" size="4">www.cfaii.org</font>.</a><br id="el-1361988084706-461"><br id="el-1361988084706-462">Thanks for your help and support.<br id="el-1362714010186-473"><br id="el-1362714010186-474">The Johnsons:&nbsp; Liz, Charlie and Stephanie<br id="el-1362714010186-475"><br id="el-1362714010186-476"><font size="4">*Please forward to anyone you think would be interested in helping!</font></font><font size="4"><br id="el-1362714689128-458"></font><font id="el-1362714689128-459" color="#330099"><br id="el-1362714689128-460">P.S. - Our dear friend with autism still comes for a sleep over now and then!&nbsp; We share a movie, popcorn and GREAT company!</font><br id="el-1361988084706-463"><br id="el-1362714010186-478"><br id="el-1362714010186-479">