Callie Battle with Breast Cancer

Please Send a Donation to Help Callie Battle with Breast Cancer

Callie Metler-Smith, a devoted wife and loving mother of two children went to a doctor for a lump felt in her breast.  She was diagnosed on March 13, 2019 with breast cancer. 

Callie is an entrepreneur who owns her own publishing company.  Many of her friends would vouch for her being the most loyal of friends, a caring hard working mom. Callie has a son with AUTISM and has another son with special needs. She does not currently have health insurance and her family needs the support, prayers, and funds to help her and the family through these hard days ahead. 

We are requesting funds as soon as possible to help with all aspects of her treatment and to help support her with medical support and for lost funds from working for her two young children. 

Any small donation would go long way to help Callie and her family get through the tough days ahead more gracefully.  No donation is too small.  Please keep them all in your prayers.

Thank you so much!