Come out and support Joshua

This fundraiser is about raising money for Autism research and awareness.


&nbsp;<font id="el-1363890055551-477" size="4">&nbsp;</font><p id="el-1363888878804-442"><strong id="el-1363888878804-443"><u id="el-1363888878805-444"><font id="el-1363890055551-481" size="4">Joshua's Story&nbsp;</font></u></strong></p><sup id="el-1363890055551-482"><sup id="el-1363890055551-483"></sup><sup id="el-1363890055551-484"><p id="el-1363890055551-485"><p id="el-1363890055551-486"><font id="el-1363890055551-487" size="4"> As you can tell by the pictures Joshua is just a happy child. He likes to cut up just like the rest of the kids. He is a very loving child and has great support from his family. Our hopes for Joshua are no different than any other parent for their child. That one day he will be able to function as a productive citizen in the community, to have a job and be independent. With research and of course lots of prayers we know this is a reachable goal for Joshua.</font></p><p id="el-1363890055551-488"></p><p id="el-1363890055551-489"><font id="el-1363890055551-490" size="4">Joshua is in the 2nd grade at Spook Hill Elementary. He is in a regular classroom with his peers and goes to ESE for his academic courses. His social skills are progressing due to being able to be in a regular classroom setting with his peers.</font></p><sup id="el-1363890055551-491"><p id="el-1363890055551-492"><font id="el-1363890055551-493" size="4">So please come out and help us raise awareness and funds for this cause for all children that struggle on the spectrum of Autism.</font></p><p id="el-1363890055551-494"><font id="el-1363890055551-495" size="4"></font></p></sup></sup></sup><font id="el-1363890055551-496" size="4"> </font><b id="el-1363888878805-446"><u id="el-1363888878805-447"><font id="el-1363890055551-499" size="4"> </font><p id="el-1363888878805-449"><font id="el-1363890055551-501" size="4">Come Join Us</font></p><font id="el-1363890055551-502" size="4"> </font></u></b><u id="el-1363888878805-450"></u><p id="el-1363888878805-451"><font id="el-1363890055551-505" size="4"> You can go online to the Central Florida Austim Institute website </font><a id="el-1363888878805-452" href=""><font id="el-1363888878805-453" color="#0000ff" size="4"><u id="el-1363888878805-454"></u></font></a><font id="el-1363890055551-509" size="4"> to register for the 5K run or walk. The date of the walk is April 13th. Also there will be booths setup to obtain information about autism and about local services that are available.</font></p><font id="el-1363890055551-510" size="4"> </font><b id="el-1363888878805-455"><u id="el-1363888878805-456"><p id="el-1363888878805-457"><font id="el-1363890055551-514" size="4">Make a Donation</font></p><font id="el-1363890055551-515" size="4"> </font></u></b><u id="el-1363888878805-458"></u><p id="el-1363888878805-459"><font id="el-1363890055551-518" size="4"> If you are unable to attend the run/walk and would like to make a one time donation just click the <b id="el-1363888878805-460">DONATE </b>button above. Any amount is appreciated.</font></p><font id="el-1363890055551-520" size="4"> </font><b id="el-1363888878805-461"><u id="el-1363888878805-462"><p id="el-1363888878805-463"><font id="el-1363890055551-524" size="4">Spread the Word</font></p><font id="el-1363890055551-525" size="4"> </font></u></b><u id="el-1363888878805-464"></u><p id="el-1363888878805-465"><font id="el-1363890055551-528" size="4"> Tell your friends and neighbors about our event. The more awareness about autism we generate the more understanding and tolerance about the autism spectrum there will be.</font></p><font id="el-1363890055551-529" size="4"> </font><p id="el-1363888878805-466"><font id="el-1363890055551-531" size="4"> </font></p><font id="el-1363890055551-532" size="4"> </font><p id="el-1363888878805-467"><font id="el-1363890055551-534" size="4">Thank you for your support and God Bless,</font></p><font id="el-1363890055551-535" size="4"> </font><p id="el-1363888878805-468"><p><font id="el-1363890055551-537" size="4"> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Tim, Julie, Joshua and Family</font></p></p><font id="el-1363890055551-538" size="4"> <strong id="el-1363888878805-469"><u id="el-1363888878805-470"></u></strong></font>