Running Into the Light 5K

I need your help in supporting Autism Services in Florida! Please read further...


Hello my friend! I am participating in "Running Into the Light 5k" this Saturday (tomorrow) and I would appreciate your financial support. All donations go directly to the Central Florida Autism Institute! I have the pleasure of knowing the Executive Director of the institute, Terry Millican, who has an austistic son. Terry's son, Ian, is a terrifc young man of 19 years old. Ian was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3 when Terry noticed Ian having trouble forming words or making any eye contact with her. Ian was intrigued with different items such as string or fences. He focused on those things and had trouble communicating with his peers and family. Terry didn't know how Ian's education would progress but with help with other families who had children with autism and with his parents' support, Ian integrated into the school system successfully. This is a terrific family who strive to help rasie awareness and give services to autisitc individuals, such as Ian. Please donate for the rights of Autistic children and adults. Thank you! Any amount will help!!!