Running Into the Light 5k Run

Help our Lakeland Community


Happy Friday! Help me reach my goal! I am participating in "Running Into the Light 5k" this Saturday (tomorrow) and I would appreciate your financial support. All donations go directly to the Central Florida Autism Institute! My sons, Maxwell & Jakob and Tina & I are participating in the 5k run, together. Tina is close with the Executive Director of the Central Florida Autism Institute, Terry Millican, who has an autistic son, Ian. And Jakob has a dear classmate, Ethan, who is autistic and has become a great friend of Jakob's. We are touched by these individuals and their unique education and life integration needs. The Central Florida Autism Institute strives to help raise awareness and give services to autisitc individuals, such as Ian and Ethan. Please donate for the rights of Autistic children and adults. Thank you! Any amount will help and 100% of the proceeds go to the institute! Sincerely, Jason