Walk and Run for Autism

Help us raise funds to support services for families who have loved ones with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Central Florida.

Url: http://cfaii.org

Many of you know I have 2 beautiful children, Ian and Katy. As a first time mom 21 years ago I fell madly in love with my beautiful baby boy, Ian. But before long I began to notice that he wasn't doing the same things that the other kids were doing. He wasn't talking as much, he didn't like to play with his peers, he didn't look at me, he seemed afraid of everything, and he seemed extremely interested in odd things like pieces of string and fences. We spent over a year taking him to specialists and trying the speech and play therapy they recommended to no avail.<br/> <br/> <strong>Ian was diagnosed with autism a week before his 3rd birthday and we were told that he would need institutional care sooner rather than later.</strong>By this time he had fallen off a cliff into autism. He made no eye contact, threw tantrums constantly, lost what little language he had developed, constantly banged his head on the floor and sidewalk, and withdrew into his world. We were told to put him in a special education class which we dutifully did. At the end of 3 months he made no progress. When Ian was diagnosed with autism the national statistics were 1:15,000.<br/> <br/> Fortunately we connected with another family with a young son diagnosed with autism who had stumbled upon ABA therapy and began an intense home based behavior program with him. Since then he has been blessed with so many individuals who have worked with Ian and us to break through the barriers that kept coming up. <br/> <br/> Ian left that special classroom. He entered Kindergarten with his younger sister and moved through elementary, middle and high school alongside her and their friends. In just one more year he will leave the public school system to WORK and live in our community. We are so proud of him.<br/> <br/> Over the years we have been blessed with amazing people in our lives...teachers, students, friends, family, ministers, and strangers who have helped Ian on his journey. Most of you have been in his support circle at one point in time.<br/> <br/> We need your help today! The CDC recently published new statistics showing autism at 1 in every 88 children. Since Ian was diagnosed I have met hundreds of individuals with autism and their families and I want each of them to know of the resources and therapies and fellowship available in this community. I want to keep bringing best practice interventions to these central Florida families. Please pledge your financial support to CFAII today. 100% of the funds stay within our community so we may service and assist OUR families! Help us give individuals with autism spectrum disorders an opportunity to become fully accepted, included, and ACTIVELY participating members of their communities.<br/> <br/> Please come out to join us on April 14th. if this day doesn't work for you, please consider a donation of $100, or whatever amount you can afford. You can spread the amount out over the year, or months. The amount of $100 equals just 27 cents a day over a year. We are a not-for profit so check with your accountant about a tax deduction. Thank you for helping us make a difference! Thank you to all those who have been supporting our family and CFAII throughout the years! Much love, Terry