Walking for Cory

To raise awareness and funds for autism in order to support the families affected in Polk County.

Url: http://cfaii.org

Hello everyone, Many of you know we have 2 beautiful children. Cory, our son, is 19 and has autism. Connor, our daughter, is 17 and is a typically developing young lady. We have been supporting and receiving services from The Central Florida Autism Institute, Inc.since Cory was around four years old. These supports and services have helped Cory overcome many fears and grow in more ways than we realize. His progress continues. The CDC recently published new statistics showing autism at 1 in every 88 children. It affects boys 5 times more than girls. Research is vital. Supports and services are even more vital for those families currently dealing with autism. That's where CFAII can help! I have been a board member for 4 years now helping the organization help others like Cory and our family. It has been truly rewarding. Your support will help us continue to do the many things we do to serve the families in Polk County and surrounding areas that are affected by autism. Please sign up and walk with us on April 14th, 2012. If this day doesn't work for you, please consider a donation of $100, or what ever amount you can afford. You can spread the amount out over the year, or months. The amount of $100 equals just 27 cents a day over a year. We would greatly appreciate your support at the walk and our other functions throughout the year. Donations are accepted at any time. Remember, 100% of the funds collected stay in Polk County! You may be able to write off your donation. Of course, check with your accountant to make sure. Thank you to all those who have been supporting our family and CFAII throughout the years. You are amazing! Hope to see you on the 14th! Much love, Dawn